Ynet’s and Yedioth Ahronoth’s “The People of Israel” Conference 2023

ICC Jerusalem

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The 2023 “The People of Israel” conference of Yedioth Ahronoth and Ynet, marking the 75th anniversary of Israel.

A live broadcast of almost 10 hours, about 86 speakers, all “the people of Israel” were there!

The same people, who influenced us in the last year and dealt with the burning issues in Israeli society: division and unity, the rampant violence in the face of human and social commitment, the challenges and the vision for the next decade.

From Idan Reichel, who opened the day with a promise, taking into account the headlines from the past year, a fascinating conversation between the President of Israel and Hanoch Daum about the current issues and especially about the rift in Israeli society, and on the other hand the representatives of the coalition and the opposition, who came to explain their position to the audience in the hall and to the audience watching at home, who showed an exceptional involvement that we have not seen before.

One Lior Suchard, who left the audience and us speechless, Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff, “the Mista’arvim”, who talked about how it feels to gain international success and especially about what the situation in Israel is doing to them. Yardena Arzi on the Tiktok craze, Eyal Berkovic who came to talk about sports as well as about politics, and finally – we chose Israel’s song – in which Gali Atari reminded us that we don’t have another country.

And as always, it’s all people, those on stage and those behind the scenes: Nelly Tagar and Aviv Alush, two MCs with crazy energy and love for people and for the stage, Danny Casson who directed and edited the content, and Inbal Rechtman who managed the content this year.