Israel Pediatric Conference 2020

The Israel Pediatric Conference, which we hold annually as a physical gathering, took place this year in a fully virtual version. The three pediatric unions – Israel Pediatric Association, Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association and Israel Clinical Pediatric Association, assembled for a large joint conference, which was held through the course of two rich and informative […]

The Israel Society of Sports Medicine Conference

In 2016 and 2018 we’ve developed and produced the Israel Society of Sports Medicine conference, with the participation of sports physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, sports coaches and more. To give the conferences an innovative, contemporary and sporty character, we decided to hold them in sports venues such as The Sammy Offer Stadium in Haifa. The […]

The Israel
Psychiatric Association
Conference 2018

Under the title: ‘Taking Care of the Caretaker’, in 2018 we’ve developed and produced the Israel Psychiatric Association conference, which is being held once every three years. The two-day conference, which took place in Dan Panorama Tel Aviv Hotel with over 500 participants, featured key-notes, workshops and discussions on the different areas of psychiatry, in […]

The Israel Pediatric Association Conference

THINK develops and produces high-standard, unique conferences and exhibitions for a wide array of professional organizations and associations in the medical field.

In the beginning of the work process for each event we define, together with the organization, the conference’s objectives, idea framework and a leading theme that will empower the organization and support its agenda.

THINK takes part in all stages of the conference’s scientific content planning, with emphasis on attractive speakers that deliver fresh contents through out-of-the-box presentation formats.

In addition to that, we emphasize on creating an inviting and open environment for fruitful interactions, and a meaningful professional, social and personal experience for each and every conference participant.

We set a firm economic foundation for these conferences through recruiting sponsorships and creating partnerships between the organizations and pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. These partnerships are being presented in the conference design, contents and related exhibitions, and are providing means for the conference production and for the organization’s ongoing activities.

The Israel
State-Employed Physicians Association
Conference 2017

In 2017 we’ve developed and produced the Israel State-Employed Physicians Association conference, which was held over the course of a weekend in the Orient Jerusalem Hotel, under the title: ‘Hospital Accreditation: Risk Management or Management Risk?’. The conference, with the participation of hospital directors, high-ranking officials and policy-makers in the healthcare system, hosted by TV […]

The Israel
Child Development and Rehabilitation Association

In the last decade we’ve developed and produced the Israel Child Development and Rehabilitation Association’s moving and powerful biennial conference four times, with the participation of the Minister of Welfare, Members of Parliament, high-ranking officials, physicians, therapists and parents of children with special needs. Throughout these years the conference has evolved and grown in number […]