Ynet’s and Yedioth Ahronoth’s “The People of Israel” Conference 2023

The 2023 “The People of Israel” conference of Yedioth Ahronoth and Ynet, marking the 75th anniversary of Israel. A live broadcast of almost 10 hours, about 86 speakers, all “the people of Israel” were there! The same people, who influenced us in the last year and dealt with the burning issues in Israeli society: division […]

Ynet’s and Yedioth Ahronoth’s “The People of Israel” Conference 2022

And this time, with live audience, in full format, with 80 speakers and 10 hours of live broadcast, we came back to life! And the “People of the State” were there, in interviews, panels and videos – the brilliant, fascinating and inspiring people who touched us in the past year: Idan Raichel, who opened the […]

Yedioth Ahronoth Group’s Transportation Conference 2021

The Transportation Conference which we produced for Yedioth Ahronoth Group, dealt with a variety of issues and aspects in the field of transportation in Israel, including the problem of traffic jams on the country’s roads, the light rail and Metro systems, the connection of the center of Israel to its periphery, national infrastructures, congestion charges, […]

Ynet’s and Yedioth Ahronoth’s “Aliyah with All Our Heart” Conference 2021

Aliyah and absorption of immigrants are the basis for the existence and identity of the State of Israel. The Aliyah and integration conference “Olim with All Our Hearts”, which we produced for Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth, discussed issues such as Aliyah in the days of the global pandemic, the problem of excessive policing towards youth […]

“Education: National Goal, Local Vision” – The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel’s and Mifal HaPais’ National Education Conference 2021

In the midst of the Corona epidemic and while adhering to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, we developed and produced in ICC Jerusalem the National Education Conference of The Federation of Local Authorities in Israel’s and Mifal HaPais. In the conference’s morning plenary session, Minister of Education Yifat Shasha-Biton presented the plan for […]

“Going Out for a Healthy Life” – Ynet’s, Yedioth Ahronoth’s and Menta Magazine’s Health Conference 2021

In a year when health headlined the news every day, we have produced Ynet’s, Yedioth Ahronoth’s and Menta magazine’s health conference. Among the topics discussed at the conference were the health-related challenges of the new Israeli government, the health consequences of quarantines, the functioning of national Health Maintenance Organizations, alternative medicine, medical technology, hospital-acquired infections, […]

Reshet 13’s National Conference 2021

In June 2021, in the midst of a slight recovery from the Corona epidemic but in turbulent days from a political, social, legal, security and economic point of view, we developed and produced the first national conference – the flagship conference of the Reshet 13 network news company. The conference dealt with the relations between […]