Rambam Award Ceremony 2019:
Vision in Motion

The Rambam Award is granted in the main event of the annual Rambam Health Care Campus Summit. The award is conferred on the basis of remarkable achievements in the fields of medicine, science, technology and leadership, and on the basis of unusual contribution to The State of Israel and to humanity as a whole. The Rambam Award ceremony is held in the presence of around 500 leading medical professionals, academics, industry leaders, friends of the campus and donors from Israel and around the world.
THINK has been creating and producing the award ceremony since 2014. We have been holding the event always on the campus’ premises, wishing to demonstrate the strong connection between the award recipients’ achievements and contribution and the practical world, represented by the hospital’s buildings, departments, medical stuff and patients. Every year, together with the wonderful Rambam team, we turn the vision into an inspiring and touching event.
The Rambam Award Ceremony with our production has proved itself year by year, as the friends and donors of Rambam subsequently choose to continue and widen their support of the development and growth of the campus, the quality of treatment it’s been providing its patients and the medical research held in it.

Rambam Award Ceremony 2018:
Rambam 80

In Rambam Health Care Campus’ 80th anniversary, which was also Israel’s 70th year of independence, we chose to hold the Rambam Award Ceremony in front of the old school of medicine in the campus. On the historic walls we displayed a story of growth and innovation, using the most advanced projection technologies. In this year […]

Rambam Award Ceremony 2017:
The Kidney – Genetics and Beyond

The 2017 Rambam Award Ceremony was dedicated to the intricate and important medical field of the kidneys. The event opened with a special stage performance of a musician playing a cello with video projected on the instrument. Afterward, a touching video showed the stories of Rambam’s kidney recipients and donors. After an emotional award ceremony, […]

Rambam Award Ceremony 2016:
State of the Heart

Following the build of Rambam’s new Heart Hospital, the heart was chosen as the theme for this year’s Rambam Award Ceremony. At the center of the campus, in front of the new hospital’s construction site, we built a grand projection screen, a LED floor stage and a massive tribune for the guests. The main stage […]

Rambam Award Ceremony 2015:
From Vision to Reality

In this year the Rambam Summit showcased the many ways in which the campus’ vision is becoming a reality. Alongside the award ceremony we inaugurated the new Joseph Fishman Oncology Center. To connect the two events, we chose to use the impressive building of the new center as a set and a screen on which […]

Rambam Award Ceremony 2014:
It’s All About the People

In 2014 we had the privilege to produce the Rambam Award Ceremony, the main event of the annual Rambam Summit, for the first time. For this year’s ceremony the old hospital was chosen as the event’s venue, and was turned into a platform for advanced stage and video performances, symbolizing the campus’ unique integration of […]