Genesis Award Ceremony 2019

The Genesis Prize, sometimes referred to as “The Jewish Nobel”, fosters Jewish identity, inspires Jewish pride, and strengthens the bond between Israel and the Diaspora. The award celebrates Jewish talent and achievement by honoring individuals for their professional accomplishments, commitment to Jewish values, and contribution to improving the world. The annual one-million-dollar prize funds are directed to philanthropic enterprises in a field chosen by the laureate.

THINK has been creating and producing The Genesis Award Ceremony since its beginning in 2014. The ceremonies are held in the presence of the Israeli Prime Minister and hundreds of VIP guests from around the world, and hosted by acclaimed international talents such as Jay Leno, Helen Mirren, Martin Short and Bar Refaeli. For each ceremony we develop unique content related to that year’s laureate and the field to which the prize funds are directed. Around these themes we build a world design, hospitality and stage content which includes speeches, creative shows, performances, a meticulous and precise ceremonial part and performances by top-level artists, orchestras, bands and dancers. As a result, every Genesis Award Ceremony is a rich and special experience.

Genesis Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony 2018

In 2018 the Genesis Foundation awarded an Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for her actions and contributions to the world of law and justice and for co-founding the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union. Photos: Koby Koenkas | Eran Lam | Natasha Kuperman

Genesis Award Ceremony 2016

The 2016 Genesis Prize was awarded to world-famous violinist Itzhak Perlman, who chose to direct the prize funds to projects in the fields of music and support for individuals with disabilities. For this event we created a vibrant stage performance that told Perlman’s story through music and the violin. The performance featured spectacular video projection, […]

Genesis Award Ceremony 2015

The 2015 Genesis Prize was awarded to actor and producer Michael Douglas, who chose to direct the prize funds to promoting activities designed to raise awareness of inclusiveness and diversity in Judaism. The selected theme for the event was the world of stage-arts and cinema, the field on which Mr. Douglas had a remarkable impact. […]

Genesis Award Ceremony 2014

The first Genesis Prize was awarded in 2014 to Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York. Mr. Bloomberg is an entrepreneur and visionary who changed the global business environment and created a more open and advanced world. He also promoted practical solutions to central global issues in the fields of education, public health, environment and […]