Friends of Rambam Fundraiser 2017

When we approach the thinking and development process for a gala fundraising event of an important institution such as The Rambam Health Care Campus, we are facing a triple challenge. First, how do we create an unconventional, one-time event, with original and exclusive contents, an event that everybody wants to take part in? Second, how do we integrate into the event the themes and messages that are important to Rambam, when each year and each event have their unique messages? And third, how to excite an audience of 1200 economy leaders, donors, top academics, senior medical staff, high-ranking officials and more, how do we open their hearts and have them financially support the realization of Rambam’s goals? To overcome these challenges, for each event we’ve recruited the best of our creative and administrative tools, and we can proudly say that the events were a success in all parameters.

Friends of Rambam Fundraiser 2015

The funds raised in this year’s Friends of Rambam Fundraiser were dedicated to the Joseph Fishman Oncology Center. The event’s opening item integrated video projection with live music and presented Rambam’s vision and success stories. We also created and produced for this evening a one-time, unforgettable and exciting concert, musically directed and conducted by Gil […]

Friends of Rambam Fundraiser 2013

This year’s Friends of Rambam Fundraiser marked the hospital’s 75th anniversary, and the funds raised in it were dedicated to the Ruth Rappaport Children’s Hospital. The one-time, exciting evening featured a moving stage performance that integrated personal stories with video projection, performances by local ensembles and various artists, and a beautiful closing performance by singer […]