The Katz Prize Ceremony 2014

King David Hotel, Jerusalem

150 Participants

פרס כץ 2014
IMG_9302 פרס כץ 2014 IMG_9366 IMG_9282

The Katz Prize identifies and recognizes individuals and projects that deal with the implementation of Jewish Law in modern-day life, in written work and practical projects. The Prize is granted annually by the Katz Foundation in a special event that is held in Jerusalem in the presence of Members of Israeli Parliament and distinguished academics and Rabi’s from Israel and around the world. Mr. Marcos Katz, the founder of the Katz Foundation Prize, passed in 2016. Since then the event also recognizes and cherishes Mr. Katz and his important legacy.

THINK develops and produces the event since 2014. In the spirit of the theme of Prize, we create every year an elegant, respectable and content-rich event which includes artists’ performances, videos, speeches, a ceremonial part and multi-media shows that tell, every year from a different angle, the story of the Katz Foundation and its contribution to implementation of the “Halacha”, the Jewish Law, in modern living. The event is directed by Danny Kasson and Shilo Gallay, and hosted by Journalists Sivan Rahav Meir and Yedidya Meir.