The Federation of Local Authorities Conference
Muni Expo 2017

Expo Tel Aviv

1,300 Participants

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001 25-1 (94) 25-1 (400) 25-1 (135) 24-1 (186) 25-1 (608) 24-1 (201) 24-1 (13) 24-1 (243) 25-1 (111)

This year’s convention was held in partnership with the National Jewish Fund under the theme ‘Moving Cities to Innovation Together’. The NJF celebrated at the convention 115 years since its establishment. The gala event, in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister, told the story of the collaboration between NJF and the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, while emphasizing the strength of each individual organization. The moving evening included a marvelous performance of live dancers combined with animation projection on LED walls behind them, a performance that took the audience to a journey in changing worlds and environments, from green parks, through community and education sites, all the way to the cities of tomorrow. The Evening ended with a special performance by comedian Adir Miller. The event was directed by Yaniv Tzadok.

The day of the convention opened with a panel discussion featuring top speakers and moderated by journalist and anchorwoman Keren Marciano, on the topic of ‘Freedom of Speech Gone Loose’. Later we held round-table discussions, in the style of Parliament committees, each discussion with the participation of the relevant Minister and municipal leaders and officials. The convention closed with a festive lunch.