Latet Conference
for the Struggle to end Poverty 2015

The Academic College of
Tel Aviv-Yaffo

300 Participants

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kahlon 2 (105)
liron mizrahi kahlon (14)
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kahlon 2 (108) kahlon 2 (105) liron mizrahi kahlon (14) kahlon 2 (106) kahlon 2 (122) liron mizrahi kahlon (15)

In the end of 2015, we developed and produced the Latet (NGO) Conference for the Fight against Poverty, titled: “The Key is in Our Hand”. The conference was held at The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo, and served as the main stage for topics that are often being pushed out of the public discourse – poverty, new ways to fight it and how to change social priorities. During the conference, Latet published its Alternative Poverty Report, defining poverty by shortage of essential needs to live with dignity.

In order to draw attention to this important and painful subject, we created fascinating contents, presented in innovative formats and featuring different perspectives. Among these contents were a panel discussion with economic leaders, intellectuals and economists, divided sessions with audience participation and “Latet Talks” with prominent artists. Among the conference’s participants were Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon, Director General of Ministry of Finance, NGO directors, public policy experts and academics. The conference was hosted by screenwriter and director Reshef Levi, who shared his family’s story.

On a more personal note, we chose to produce and develop the content for this humble and moving conference, out of will to take social action and support the fight against poverty. Thankfully, the conference turned the spotlight on this issue, drew public attention and pushed this cause higher in the list of national priorities.